What is the Oasis Garden?

The Oasis Garden project was first designed by volunteer Donald Graves and his wife Claudia along with our Interim Director, retired pastor, Carol Burgeson. The vision is to create a space where folks of all walks of life can garden and create a system of sustainability, providing food for themselves and their neighbors. The benefits of the Oasis project expand well beyond the the nutrition aspect of farm fresh ingredients. Our volunteers can “dig in” and feel the earth while sharing their stories and uplifting each other.

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Want to volunteer or sponsor a garden box? Contact us below! info@livinglegacycenter.com

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Our Community Garden

First Section of our Community Garden:

Along the fence, this produce will be offered as food, first to the clients of the Living Legacy Center and the volunteers, then for sale at our Farmers Market outlets to raise money to support the operation of our gardens. This area includes our fifty feet of yard-long bean vines & our thirty two foot okra bed. The Cucumber Arch is our defining symbol that gives us a visual affirmation of our purpose. Offering support, protection, comfort and hope, it is our pledge to build bridges in relationships, and our community. The cucumbers like it also.

Individual Community Garden Sites:

Past the archway, each 4’ x 8’ garden box is sponsored by individuals who can choose for themselves how much of what to plant when. Each sponsor is completely autonomous and pledges the excess produce to our Farmers Market.

Student Garden:

There is a dire need in our community for assistance to young people with an interest in the environment. Some of these students are involved with FFA, 4F, even the Livestock Show. The volunteers in the Oasis Gardens are fortunate to witness the love, care and attention these young people lavish on their protégées.

Therapy Garden:

This section of our nature project is our true vision. Few people immersed in their busy schedules have time to relax and enjoy a few minutes of outdoor beauty. Here we can stop and breathe, enjoy the robins and cardinals, gasp at the darting blue-jay and melodies of the mocking bird, chuckle at the frenzied antics of the squirrels. Here we can visit with the elderly in a wheelchair as they smile broadly, running their fingers through leaves and soil, remembering childhood. We can display our gratitude to a veteran by sharing a hot dog and soda, laugh at grandchildren eating watermelon and spitting seeds. We have raised flower beds that provide accessibility for loved ones to partake in gardening. The covered patio offers protection from showers while the arbor provides shade. Beside the the Therapy Garden is our greenhouse protecting fruit, flower and vegetable seedlings.

Our Victory Memorial Garden


A groundbreaking was held March 12 at the Living Legacy Center on the latest installation in the Oasis Gardens, the Victory Memorial Garden. The garden will be situated on a 1,000-square-foot plot on the grounds of the Living Legacy Center at 12527 Cypress N. Houston Road, Cypress. This addition will serve as a place for visitors to remember loved ones.

Victory Memorial Garden Blueprint