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The Living Legacy Center's primary service is to locate, connect and integrate the many social services available to support our clients. We help those who may have complex legal, medical, and social issues that require support from multiple community partners. For example, a homeless veteran may need mental health counseling, job placement assistance, housing, medical care, transportation, benefit planning, and legal support.

Once we have executed the warm handoff of our client to the community resource, we monitor the case to ensure that a holistic approach to fulfilling our client's needs. If they encounter roadblocks, we “connect the dots” between the multiple community resources involved.

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Our Process

1. Asses the various legal, medical, and social needs of the client.

2. Locate the community resources that can fulfill our client's needs.

3. Conduct a “warm hand off” of our client to the resources, which includes a case brief to the resource followed by an in-person or telephonic introduction.

4. Ensuring that community resources are aware of each other's efforts to support our client.

5. Monitoring client care and provide feedback to community resources involved in the solution

Supportive hands holding together

Supportive Resources

Types Of Services

Legal Services

- Estate Planning
- Business Planning
- Guardianship
- Succession Planning
- Special Needs Planning
- Criminal Defense
- Veterans Disability Claims
- Family Law
- Medicaid Planning
- Disability Planning
- Probate
- Life Care Planning

Tax Services

- Tax Returns
- Tax Advice

Mental Health

- Addiction Recovery Programs
- Recovery Centers
- Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
- Mental Health Counseling
- Support Groups


- Craft Circle
- Oasis Garden Events
- Community Partners Support