Who We Are

The Living Legacy Center (LLC) was established to bridge the gap for families in the Cypress-Fairbanks (CYFAIR) community and surrounding areas by locating and connecting them with legal and social services. These families come from underserved communities and represent CYFAIR’s' most vulnerable: senior citizens, veterans, and individuals with both physical and intellectual disabilities and their families.  

To date, the LLC has helped hundreds of the community’s most vulnerable citizens and serves as an important partner to CYFAIR’s numerous charitable organizations. The LLC campus is on Cypress North Houston Road & serves as a focal point of the community, where people can work together to create and provide solutions to some of CYFAIR’s pressing social challenges.

Living Legacy Center farmers market table

Our Mission

To connect with government, for-profit and non-profit social services to ensure holistic care for CYFAIR’s most vulnerable population.

Our Vision

To become a focal point of the CYFAIR community, reflecting a flourishing community & our commitment to on another. The LLC can serve as template for other centers across the nation.


Bridging The Gap

Many of our clients have complex legal, medical, and social issues that require support from multiple community partners. We assess and connect each client with trusted community resources based on their specific needs. Over time we continue to monitor each case to ensure the holistic approach to our client's needs is being fulfilled.

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Our Community Garden

The Oasis Garden is a centerpiece for The Living Legacy Center. Folks of all walks of life can garden and create a system of sustainability, providing food for themselves and their neighbors. Located at the Cypress North Houston campus, we love having people come visit the garden, volunteer, or join us in one of our many events!

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Oasis Gardens